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This is my automatic usb backup

Set /P M=Select and press enter.
IF %M%==Y GOTO yes
set /p drive= What drive?
mkdir D:\Users\%USERNAME%\Desktop\STUFF\BACKUP
XCOPY "%drive%" "D:\Users\%USERNAME%\Desktop\STUFF\BACKUP" /Y /E

when it gets to the mkdir line it just quits what could be the problem?

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Try running the mkdir command in a cmd prompt, which will tell you if there are any errors. –  Bali C Oct 29 '12 at 16:27

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I assume this file is intended to reside on your PC somewhere and allow you to select the drive to backup. I have a post on my blog which details how you can create a backup bacth file you can keep on the root of each drive you own and have them backup to their own folder on c: drive. You can have a look here: http://www.scotthelme.co.uk/blog/backing-up-your-usb-drives/

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REM out your ECHO OFF, and see what's going on. You can actually edit your question and post a copy of what it shows. (Right-Click on the little C:\ icon in the upper left corner, Select Edit -> Mark. Use your mouse to select the text to copy, then press [ENTER]. The text is now in your clipboard, and you can paste it into your question.

Do you have any spaces in your username? Put double-quotes around d:\users\%username\desktop\stuff\backup

What are you entering for drive? Just a drive letter? If so, set drive=%drive%:\

BTW, unless you've actually created the lable :eof, you need a colon when you GOTO :EOF.

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