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What is the best practice for searching with a simple (< 10) set of parameters that are not secret or used for authentication, only a search.


  • Validate the input with javascript
  • Submit using a form get request to a servlet
  • Redirect to target.jsp after setting session variables.


  • Validate the data with javascript
  • Create a url with javascript
  • Send off a request to target.jsp with parameters, e.g. target.jsp?test=foo&search=foo
  • Use a filter to find results and set session variables
  • Chain.doFilter to the target.jsp with variables set.

I think that 1) sounds more appropriate as there is some processing and validation on the server side, but the form get request to a redirect sounds like an extra step than just using a filter to modify a session variable according to search conditions and continuing to target.jsp.

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As mentioned by Matin, Servlet Filters are meant for addressing any cross-cutting concerns across the entire webapp like authentication/authorization, logging, HTTP request/response header management etc., They should not be used for a business-function specific task like search. So, going by servlet approach is the right way, implementing the HTTP POST verb.

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Filters are applied on every request. So they are desirable if you want to control requests or gain some information from them in a way you know.

I do not believe that searching something in your application requires a filter. It is a typical path for every search. Sending some parameters and receiving the data.

So, why bother using Filter. Go with the servlet absolutely.

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Better is to use servlet to extract the form parameters as a Post request.in the servlet you get these form field values and forward to target.jsp.as you can see here,the number of steps are very few.

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