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I have a form that I have implemented using HtmlService. When I submit it I want to see different Html page instead of the page with the form on it. Basically this new page should replace the form page. How do I go about doing this. I tried to create a template form from the process form function that gets called when the form is submitted. But it didn't work. Help me out with this please.

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I am not aware of any server-side redirect mechanism (that you could use in the template, that is). However, one way how to do it is via Ajax, client-side. See, for example, how I did it in VALET (open index.html and look from line 240 on).

As an aside: I also tried reloading a page which seemed not to work (maybe due to the restrictions re the window and document object.

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You can use doPost() with HTML Services to load another html page.

See this answer.

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See this answer for an example of serving multiple html pages using HtmlService. The basic idea is to write doGet() to accept a query parameter that it will use to select which html page to serve.

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