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In the realm of providing a decent implementation of the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) for .Net, the two leading options appear to be CefSharp and CefGlue. They differ in approach (CefGlue uses P/Invoke to call into the CEF unmanaged code, CefSharp uses a mixed-mode C++/CLI wrapper around the CEF libraries).

Is there some reason that a mixed-mode assembly is better than P/Invoke calls? All other things being equal, it seems like CefGlue (the P/Invoke lib) provides a "thinner" wrapper around the CEF project, which means it would probably be faster to respond to updates in the upstream library.

Is there anyone out there with experience with both libraries who can share what the differentiating factors would be?

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CefSharp maintainer here. Not sure why this was closed. CefGlue has the advantage of being able to run in Mono, for example. CefSharp provides WinForms and WPF controls. Both respond to updates in the upstream library reasonably fast. I'm in touch with the maintainer of CefGlue, he's a good guy. Just use whatever feels right. There are google groups set up for both the CefSharp and CefGlue projects, feel free to ask any other questions you might have there. –  anthony Sep 6 '12 at 20:11
I'm not sure either - possibly because the (generic) merits of P/Invoke vs. C++/CLI wrappers have been discussed on this site already elsewhere. For what it's worth, I've settled on CefSharp (as you might have guessed from my recent pull request). I'll continue to follow both projects, though... –  Drew Shafer Sep 7 '12 at 14:30
why the hell was this closed? –  KJW Feb 18 '13 at 18:36
@anthony After 2 intensive days with CefSharp, I do feel that most of the "deeper stuff" isn't (intentionally?) implemented in CefSharp but only in CefGlue. E.g. accessing the DOM, certain events, etc. Probably have to switch to CefGlue or contribute to CefSharp (if I finally do unterstand that Github stuff). –  Uwe Keim May 30 '13 at 14:37

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In some sense they are about the same and whichever you'd pick you should be able to get away with in 2014. We had this question some time ago and here what we have comeup with:



  1. The WinForms is very old and mature project. If you are to use WinForms it is probably the way to go;
  2. It has a NuGet bundle, so it is easy to use and update;
  3. Supports newer version of WPF (.NET 4+);
  4. Supports Mono.


  1. As @Uwe Keim had mentioned they just recently finally started to support WPF, so it is not as mature as Xillium.CefGlue;
  2. Community isn't that receptive to your needs.



  1. It is .NET 2.0 friendly. Your code will be able to run on it. (This was critical for us)
  2. A very responsive community which would help you to get what you need done/fixed;
  3. More mature support for WPF;


  1. No NuGet package as far as I know, you'd need to add libraries and update them yourself
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Where do you get support for CefGlue? The bitbucket site is hardly ever updated. –  Tsury Feb 6 at 16:27
On bitbucket the user with name fddima is the owner of the repository. I contacted him. At the time I was working on that he was very responsive to the tickets I would open and to the PRs I submit. Not sure if it changed since. –  Artem Feb 6 at 23:39
Thanks Artem, I will try him out... –  Tsury Feb 8 at 13:22

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