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How do I assign a generic reference to the return value of method which returns a non-generic ArrayList? I don't know what type of ArrayList it is returning.

For example, I have some old class:

class Employee {
    ArrayList al;

    public ArrayList getEmplist() {
        return al;

I am calling this method from:

class UseEmp {
    ??? = getEmplist();

How can I handle this, can I use object or anything?

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Try: List<?> = getEmplist(). –  cheeken Sep 1 '12 at 6:06
ArrayList<Employee> al = new ArrayList<Employee>(). it is generic list of Employee object –  Mohammod Hossain Sep 1 '12 at 6:06

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List<MyObj> l = (List<MyObj>) getEmplist();

You will get a warning which you can suppress in an annotation. See this question about how to suppress the warnings.

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