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Can I install the .exe file without user interaction (means without click on the next or install button)
I have write the code to call .exe file but, it doesn't install silently in background.

Process p = new Process();
p.StartInfo.FileName = @"C:\Downloads\teamViewer.exe";
p.StartInfo.Arguments = "/S";
p.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = true;

Why exe not run in background, with this code?

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Which programming language? Which operating system? Why do you have a space before teamViewer ? –  Basile Starynkevitch Sep 1 '12 at 6:38
That depends a little on the installer. It must support a silent setup. Not every program can handle that. Especially for the free version of teamviewer I cannot imagine that this is possible. –  rekire Sep 1 '12 at 6:42
Please edit your question to tag it appropriately, and to remove typos in the code. –  Basile Starynkevitch Sep 1 '12 at 6:51
Maybe assignment of p.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow should occur before call to p.Start ? –  Basile Starynkevitch Sep 1 '12 at 7:03
If you have a corporate license for teamviewer, you should have an msi installer file which probably can be installed silently provided you have admin rights. (usually by running msiexec setup.msi /quiet) –  sgmoore Sep 1 '12 at 9:01

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You can do a silent install with the EXE you download from the website.

You have to use the one that it extracts into your


As of version 7 %temp%\TeamViewer\Version7\TeamViewer_.exe. This one supports the /S argument, but there is another problem : UAC confirmation dialog and as far as I know you can't bypass this with code (unless your app is already running with admin privileges. You can use an application manifest for that).

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