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I have a declared variable in my code like so:

   VarName:Array[0..693] of Byte = ( and my array here );

I have EncdDecd in my uses..

I am looking to encode this Array of Byte into a base64 string using the EncodeBase64 function in EncdDecd.pas

But I am unsure of how to return it into a nice and pretty b64 string that can be converted directly back into a byte array with DecodeBase64...

I have tried a few different approaches..

Var Res:PWideChar;
    StringToWideChar(EncodeBase64(@VarName, 693), Res, 693);

Access Violation with that code...

Also tried:

    ClipBoard.SetTextBuf(PWideChar(EncodeBase64(@VarName, 693)));

Which returns a string full of distorted Chinese symbols....

Any help on returning this string would be greatly appreciated..


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The functions are declared as

function  DecodeBase64(const Input: AnsiString): TBytes;
function  EncodeBase64(const Input: Pointer; Size: Integer): AnsiString;

so all you need in Unicode Delphi's is to cast AnsiString to string,

var S: string;

  S:= string(EncodeBase64(@VarName, 693));

to decode S you should cast it to AnsiString:

var B: TBytes;

  B:= DecodeBase64(AnsiString(S));
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What unit are the functions DecodeBase64 and EncodeBase64 declared in? – Dmitri Pisarenko Nov 20 '12 at 12:47

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