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So I'm building a small inventory system in wich one I have 2 resources: Sellers and Products. What I want to do is to have a system where I can populate the Products database with objects (Say t-shirts, skirts, pants, etc) and each of these ones will have a quantity or "in existance" attribute (an integer) that I want to diminish every time one item has been sold... Then I want to count that sale as one for the seller.

Practical example:

Let's say I have 30 pants (the quantity attribute is 30) then, a seller named "jhon"clicks a button and sell 2 pants I want the quantity attribute of "pants" to be diminished to 28 and I want to count 2 pants selled for jhon... ¿How can I achieve this easily?

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There's after_create callback which Rails provide, f.e you can do this:


after_create :decrement_pants_num

def decrement_pants_num
    product.decrement! :pants
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But how do I apply this to all the products?? I want to have same automatic functionality for every product in the inventory... –  Jmlevick Sep 1 '12 at 7:17

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