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I am using 2Checkout's demo mode. I have created some dummy products, and created some buttons for the same.

When I try to buy the product, it shows me that 'This is a demo sale. Your card will not be charged.' I proceed to the next step, it asks me to enter the 'Billing Information'. I do that.

It then asks me to enter Credit details. I enter a fake Credit Card number and CVV code.(which I got from some blog)

On completion of the transaction, it also directs me to the PHP page(which the customers see on SUCCESSFUL purchase.)

I also get an email, that the demo-order has been placed along with the other details related to that sale.

But it still doesn't show up in the 'Sales' dashboard of 2CheckOut.

Can anyone help me out with this.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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2Checkout demo sales are only used to test the checkout process and the passback to your approved URL. No sale is actually created so you will not see any orders in your 2Checkout admin area. If your account is active for live sales, you may also place a live test sale (under $5.00) and then refund it as soon as it is placed. This way you can see the live sale in your 2Checkout admin but won't incur any 2Checkout transaction fees. 2Checkout's order review department will also likely cancel any test sales that you make to insure that you are not charged any transaction fees. If you need to test the 2Checkout recurring billing process with a live sale, please make sure that you contact 2Checkout and provide them with the order number so that they can insure that it is not canceled.

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