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I'd like the grammar below to parse input such as


but it only parses a_end and fails on anything with more than one _. Here is the grammar:

template < typename Iterator >
struct recursive_parser : qi::grammar< Iterator >
    qi::rule< Iterator > start;
    qi::rule< Iterator > end;
    recursive_parser() : recursive_parser::base_type( start )
        using namespace qi;
        end = string("_end") | start;
        start = +(char_ - '_') >> end;

Are rules not designed to be used recursively or am I missing something more obvious?

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With your grammar, and the input string a_b_end we have the following parsing occur:

In Start: consume "a". Iterate into end.
In End:   The next part of the string is not "_end", so the first alternative fails.
          Try the second alternative, which is to iterate into start.
In Start: The next character is a "_", so start fails.

So your grammar should be:

end = string("end") | start;
start = +(char_ - '_') >> '_' >> end;
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Yes, my bad. Thanks. – John Sep 9 '12 at 9:56

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