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The developer's site says that onUpdate method is invoked after time updatePeriodMillis. But when I write in the method onUpdate, for example, Log.e ("tag", "update");, he writes in the log only when you run a widget.

Why is that?

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onUpdate() is more like a "resume this widget now" handler. It should (re)initialize/start the widget's resources and services. The system will absolutely NOT respect very low android:updatePeriodMillis values, so using onUpdate() as mainloop for your widget will not work!

What you want to do is:

  1. In onUpdate(): create a new AlarmManager with a PendingIntent with a custom action. Set the AlarmManager to repeat as fast as you need.

  2. In onReceive(): pick up the custom action, and call Log.e() or whatever you want.

Note: After creating the custom action, don't forget to add it to your <Intent-Filter> in your Manifest.xml. Because otherwise, onReceive() will not be able to receive it.

Somewhat dated but still partly relevant:

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