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After I click a button with "click_no_wait" method, there is a delay of almost one second before anything happens... Why is this so?

Here is one example (obvious delay between button's yellow-flash and popup window):

require 'watir'
b = Watir::Browser.start ""
b.frame(:name, "view").button(:text, "Show alert box").click_no_wait

If I replace "click_no_wait" with just "click", then there is not any delay after clicking a button (popup window shows up instantly). But "click" can't be used here because then the script hangs...

Is there any solution for this delay? (Not a big problem really, just asking...)

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It launches a separate process.

The plus side is that it prevents hanging because the main process can get on with things immediately. The down side is that setting up a process takes time in itself.

It's a balancing found in anything in any language that uses separate processes or separate threads - increased responsiveness and increased performance in certain cases, but with an overhead in and of itself.

You might find of interest.

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Ok thanks... Really fast answer :) – apk Sep 1 '12 at 10:23

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