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It is easy enough to create a command from my OnLoaded() event handler code, but how do I call it from the View?

<window Loaded="onLoaded"> doesn't cut the cake anymore since it calls code in the xaml.cs. How would I create an ICommand equivalent?

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You can do this sort of thing via an attached behavior. To save yourself some time, take a looked at Marlon Grech's Attached Command Behavior library.

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You could use the MVVM Light Toolkit's event to command behavior: http://blog.galasoft.ch/archive/2009/11/05/mvvm-light-toolkit-v3-alpha-2-eventtocommand-behavior.aspx

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For anyone using the MVVM light toolkit (or considering it), this worked well for me. –  Ciaran Gallagher Nov 19 '12 at 22:04

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