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I'm trying to subclass NSTokenField and I need to setup some ivars during initialisation but I can't work which initialiser I have to override. The documentation doesn't say anything about the designated initialisers of NSTokenField or NSTextField which the token field inherits from.

I tried overriding -initWithFrame: and -init: but they don't get called either.

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It should be either initWithFrame:, if you create the text field in your code, or initWithCoder: if the field is created in an XIB (Interface Builder) file.

This is because NSTokenField inherits from NSView, which conforms to the NCoding protocol. So this is also valid for other objects inheriting from NSView.

So basically, you should override both in a subclass:

- ( id )initWithFrame: ( NSRect )frame;
- ( id )initWithCoder: ( NSCoder * )decoder;
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Thanks -initWithCoder: did the job. – Jacopo Sep 1 '12 at 17:04

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