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I know this sort of question has been asked a few times, but hear me out!

I've just had to switch between Flat Rate shipping (which did show in the cart) to Table Rates. This is purely because one country has a different rate (UK is £3.95, Ireland is £20). The majority of the site's customers are UK based, so I'd like the cart to assume the user is in the UK and display the £3.95 as the shipping total. Then if the user specifies the shipping address as Ireland, it will change.

I've also got a Shopping Cart Promotion which dictates that if the subtotal is greater than £15, and the user is not from Ireland, shipping is free. This works fine. The shipping costs all work fine, I just want to show it on the cart, based on being in the UK!

If I can't automated this, I'll be hardcoding the cost in there based on subtotal, which I'd rather not do!

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Did you try this one:


It hooks onto sales_quote_save_before and should do what you are after.

You will need to know the code for tablerate which I cannot quite remember.

It is also worth rolling your own UK shipping module if your client don't want to be sending off big boxes to the Outer Hebrides or have items not in the 3.95 bracket.

Anyway, you have inspired me to add autoshipping show up in the basket for one of my clients that have similar UK-mostly customers.

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I haven't tried that one actually no, thanks! I have just duplicated the flat rate method to a "flatrateireland" method and hopefully, I can choose the countries accordingly have that work. If not, I shall look into this one. Haha glad I could inspire someone! Good point about the Outer Hebrides! At the moment, they do send internationally but don't charge for it! I shall raise this with them on Monday and see what they want to do! I'd imagine they'll just do a "contact us for an international shipping quote" or something. Lazy people! – HughieW Sep 1 '12 at 11:57
I have a UK shipping module with an admin multi-select of the UK postcodes (up to the space). The rest of the module is spaghetti due to constantly changed requirements, but, if you do need either counties or postcodes I can did them out for you. – Theodores Sep 1 '12 at 12:19
Thanks for the kind offer, though adding the module you sent above has worked absolutely perfectly! All I had to do was change the code to tablerate_bestway (figured it out after doing some echoing in the observer). So now it works perfectly! – HughieW Sep 1 '12 at 12:22

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