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I have windows vista with Python 2.7. I would like to install BeautifulSoup 4 but apparently I can't install Beautiful Soup just by copying the file into the site-packages directory. I have to install pip and then run some commands from the command prompt. Could you guide me through that step by step. I am really a noob so make it very simple. Thanks in advance

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First part: How to install pip on windows? –  Martijn Pieters Sep 1 '12 at 13:22

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You don't need pip for installing Beautiful Soup - you can just download it and run python setup.py install from the directory that you have unzipped BeautifulSoup in (assuming that you have added Python to your system PATH - if you haven't and you don't want to you can run C:\Path\To\Python27\python "C:\Path\To\BeautifulSoup\setup.py" install)

However, you really should install pip - see How to install pip on Windows for how to do that best (via @MartijnPieters comment)

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If you do have pip installed use run "pip install beautifulsoup4" –  david Oct 11 '14 at 17:59
I agree with Sean. Do these steps; –  girishgupta211 Jun 12 at 11:09
easy_install BeautifulSoup4


easy_install BeautifulSoup 

to install easy_install

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Install pip

Download get-pip. Remember to save it as "get-pip.py"

Now go to the download folder. Right click on get-pip.py then open with python.exe.

You can add system variable by

(by doing this you can use pip and easy_install without specifying path)

1 Clicking on Properties of My Computer

2 Then chose Advanced System Settings

3 Click on Advanced Tab

4 Click on Environment Variables

5 From System Variables >>> select variable path.

6 Click edit then add the following lines at the end of it


(please dont copy this, just go to your python directory and copy the paths similar to this)

NB:- you have to do this once only.

Install beautifulsoup4

Open cmd and type

pip install beautifulsoup4
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