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I am using VS2012 Fakes and MSTEST framework to do unit test. I have a third party dll and I need to fake it. However there is a method (getItemAt(int)) in the dll that seems to conflict with a method that exits in Fakes.

The error message I get during compile is:

Error 2 The type 'MyObject.Fakes.ShimList' already contains a definition for 'get_ItemAtInt32' [D:\Dev\Test\obj\Debug\Fakes\o\f.csproj] D:\Dev\Teste\f.cs 6933 111 Test

Any solution to pass by this error to continue work with Fakes?

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It appears that the Fakes code generator breaks when trying to generate a shim for MyObject.List class in this third-party library. Could you submit this at http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio? In the meantime, you can use the approach described here to generate only those stubs and shims you actually plan to use. Hopefully, that does not include the MyObject.List class.

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Thanks for your answer, it solved my problem by using ShimGeneration filter. –  Shuping Oct 19 '12 at 15:51

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