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I have a simple rule in ANTLR:

title returns [ElementVector<Element> v]

    $v = new ElementVector<Element>() ;

    : 	'[]'	
    |	'[' title_args {$v.add($title_args.ele);} (',' title_args {$v = $title_args.ele ;})* ']' 

with title_args being:

title_args returns [Element ele]
    :	author {$ele = new Element("author", $author.text); }
    |	location {$ele = new Element("location", $location.text); }

Trying to compile that I get confronted with a 127 error in the title rule: title_args is a non-unique reference.

I've followed the solution given to another similar question in this website (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/759028/how-to-deal-with-list-return-values-in-antlr) however it only seems to work with lexical rules.

Is there a specific way to go around it ?

Thank you, Christos

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3 Answers

You have 2 title_args in your expression, you need to alias them. Try this:

|   '[' t1=title_args {$v.add($t1.ele);} (',' t2=title_args {$v = $t2.ele ;})* ']'

t1 and t2 are arbitrary aliases you can choose anything you want as long as they match up.

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I think the problem is your reusing the title_args var. Try changing one of those variable names.

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Yeah, I had the same problem. You need to change one of the variable names; for example, do like the following:


in your code instead of using title_args twice.

If title_args is a parser rule, then just create the same rule with the name title_args1. So, basically there would be two rules with the same functionality.

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This is a hack and bad advice. The right answer is the one above, declare a variable name for each production using <var name>=<production> and then reference that. –  user430788 Nov 7 '11 at 1:54
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