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I have the following fragment:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Wix xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/2006/wi">
        <ComponentGroup Id="Doc">
            <ComponentRef Id="cmpCDCC386748AE7BEFE7C2F4E764390254" />
            <ComponentRef Id="cmp6EC513AE37CCAE66CEA96577E2384AFA" />
            <ComponentRef Id="cmp0C9D9450CB94FF74C6E29C1C3F6D16D5" />
            <ComponentRef Id="cmp314DEE3E909157F47FDF963DCC04D2AC" />
            <ComponentRef Id="cmpBC5FB761D7B0DA99F96ECA9A91DD4217" />
            <ComponentRef Id="cmp6B9E4B7B6F710D7077171BCE0B96A90A" />
            <ComponentRef Id="cmp5959CF1572C71417D536C491A996C6DE" />
            <ComponentRef Id="cmpCC960E9F3DDDE1600206003C43FFE663" />
        <DirectoryRef Id="AzureApplicationSDK">
            <Directory Id="dir67745C9C3FA1B31D9AF8883D12D8FBD8" Name="Doc">
                <Component Id="cmpCDCC386748AE7BEFE7C2F4E764390254" Guid="{A46C5689-42D1-41CA-AD71-B2A416FA9571}">
                    <File Id="fil3B7DFCD3444314759F8617411F7EE08C" KeyPath="yes" Source="SourceDir\Azure Applications SDK v1 Cascade Tables Getting Started Guide.docx" />
                <Component Id="cmp6EC513AE37CCAE66CEA96577E2384AFA" Guid="{697C1B04-5279-4B31-9600-F3BCA4C1AD06}">
                    <File Id="filFDDD2C48EF5C14BA924C4272E4D9D490" KeyPath="yes" Source="SourceDir\Azurite Identity.docx" />
                <Component Id="cmp0C9D9450CB94FF74C6E29C1C3F6D16D5" Guid="{1C61C6C5-60F0-41A5-B229-093419E5F767}">
                    <File Id="fil4C736D0525C45780C242DA3BCA6823BA" KeyPath="yes" Source="SourceDir\Mercurius messaging how-to.docx" />
                <Component Id="cmp314DEE3E909157F47FDF963DCC04D2AC" Guid="{FD9BD847-5B89-42EA-A178-451AC8B822F4}">
                    <File Id="fil841FCFCD72670AEF83A89B6724126546" KeyPath="yes" Source="SourceDir\Nexus Notes.pptx" />
                <Component Id="cmpBC5FB761D7B0DA99F96ECA9A91DD4217" Guid="{2424B541-D40B-4D2D-938E-0AC5C9C2A773}">
                    <File Id="fil8D9E68E77FC45E6F50191FF6F20F2039" KeyPath="yes" Source="SourceDir\Owner Powershell Snapin.docx" />
                <Component Id="cmp6B9E4B7B6F710D7077171BCE0B96A90A" Guid="{E467FD03-EFB4-4E4F-9A34-75540BEB1B1C}">
                    <File Id="filB48A598247AE4A63638F96A69A545EE4" KeyPath="yes" Source="SourceDir\SDK First Look.pptx" />
                <Component Id="cmp5959CF1572C71417D536C491A996C6DE" Guid="{27890FBC-2822-4061-A086-E9E539F58A64}">
                    <File Id="fil9CCA5FE9338BD9EB6E1E2B4F685D9F16" KeyPath="yes" Source="SourceDir\Unit Tests.docx" />
                <Component Id="cmpCC960E9F3DDDE1600206003C43FFE663" Guid="{D9B8BFB9-3F3B-40FE-A3E9-C5E1669E529A}">
                    <File Id="fil98D1506B9A1C3AD2D9D03EA43BEEB80A" KeyPath="yes" Source="SourceDir\Using Nexus.docx" />

Within my main .wxs file I have the following:

<Feature Id="MainApplication" Title="zure Application SDK" Level="1">
    <ComponentRef Id="Doc"/>

I execute

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Installer XML v3\bin\Light.exe -cultures:null -ext "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Installer XML v3\bin\WixUIExtension.dll" -ext "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Installer XML v3\bin\WixNetFxExtension.dll" -out "c:\source\Azure Applications SDK\Bespin\QADrop\QADropInstaller\bin\Release\QADropInstaller.msi" -pdbout "c:\source\Azure Applications SDK\Bespin\QADrop\QADropInstaller\bin\Release\QADropInstaller.wixpdb" -v obj\Release\QADropInstall.wixobj obj\Release\Doc.wixobj 

and I get the following error

Error   21  Unresolved reference to symbol 'Component:Doc' in 
section 'Product:{CF56D65B-BE0D-4719-BEFD-5DC04F7AD7FC}'.   
c:\source\Azure Applications SDK\Bespin\QADrop\QADropInstaller\QADropInstall.wxs
160 1   Azure Application SDK Installer

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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The heat Fragment should have a ComponentGroup with all of the generated Components in it (if not, try adding the -cg switch to heat).

Then use a ComponentGroupRef instead of a ComponentRef under the Feature you want everything installed.

Finally, compile all your .wxs files (including the one from heat.exe) then add all the resultant .wixobj files to your light.exe command-line. The error you list usually occurs because you forgot to add a .wixobj or .wixlib to the command-line.

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You will need to compile the *.wxi file you have that contains your fragment into a *.wixobj and then include that *.wixobj in the call the "Light.exe"

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I did that I thought. I use candle main.wxs candle doc.wxs light main.wixobj doc.wixobj and I get error LGHT0094: Unresolved reference to symbol 'Component:Doc' in section 'Product:{CF56D65B-BE0D-4719-BEFD-5DC04F7AD7FC}'. –  Michael Aug 3 '09 at 15:22
You don't need a .wxi (WiX include) file at all. This suggestion is not the ideal solution. –  Rob Mensching Aug 3 '09 at 18:53
ok, so these fragments aren't usually generated into a *.wxi file? I thought that was the usual case (it is the case in my installer - WiX 2.0 with a custom version of Tallow) –  marc_s Aug 3 '09 at 19:36
No, Fragments are not the same as Includes. Tallow didn't generate .wxi files either. Take a look at the first couple chapters of the WiX.chm. It talks about Fragments and how they are linked in. –  Rob Mensching Nov 30 '09 at 5:55

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