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I'm new in javascript development. I've got something like that:

var array1=[];
var dic={'title':'111','url':'222'};

But it didn't work? what's the problem? How can I push a dictionary to a multidimensional array or another dictionary?

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You skipped a step:

var array1 = [[]];
array1[0][0] = {};

Your declaration just makes a one-dimensional array (well, all arrays in JavaScript are one-dimensional). In the version above, I create a one-dimensional array and initialize it to contain another one-dimensional array.

It might be clearer like this:

var array1 = [];
array1[0] = [];
array1[0][0] =  {};

If you don't put another array in the first spot in the first array, then that attempt to reference it in the assignment that follows will fail. This statement:

array1[0][0] = {};

involves fetching the value of array1[0] so that it can, in turn, be used as an array. Because you didn't put an array there, that statement would cause an exception.

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It does not work because array1[0] is undefined (because there is no element with such index) and undefined is not array or object, it has not any property and you cannot assign valye for some property.

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