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I am working with Qt in Linux. I need to run the "evince" pdf reader from Qt.

I have been searching and as I understand I can use Qprocess to make it work. Something like this:

QStringList args;
    QProcess p(this);
    p.start("/usr/bin/evince", args, QIODevice::ReadWrite);
    QString p_stdout = p.readAllStandardOutput();
    QString p_stderr = p.readAllStandardError();

But I always get the following error:

No protocol specified Cannot parse arguments: Cannot open display:

So I tried the system(char *cmd) from stdlib.h and does not work system("/usr/bin/evince /home/user/presentacion0.pdf");

I think system() does not work because "evince" is a graphical application. However I can run "ls", "mkdir", etc. commands with system() without problems.

Please I need help with this topic.

I Really appreciate your help in advance.

Thank you.

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You're running your Qt app from an application (most likely shell) that doesn't have DISPLAY environment variable set properly (it's usually :0). QProcess uses environment of the calling process.

If you're not really interested in grabbing evince's stdout and stderr, and you don't need to wait for its finish, then I would go with QProcess::startDetached().

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