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On my iPhone app I am allowing the user to edit their profile picture. When they press the edit button I want them to have the choice of either taking a picture, or getting an already existing image. My question is not "How do I do that" I'm sure there are other questions about that. I know how I want to do it. I want a small view to scroll up about halfway up the screen and let the user pick from the two options there. I want it to look similar to the view on the iPhone when you tap and hold an image and a view scrolls up. I'll attach an image.

So my question is, can I use some already existing functions to use that same scroll up view? Or will I have to build it myself? If it is existing, what is the name of it so I can find it somewhere here on SO?I want my app to do this, can I reuse existing functions to implement this?

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It's a UIActionSheet. See here for documentation.

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