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I knew git add command will make files in "staged" state. If I change the content of staged files, I should git add them again to update content in index.

That concept is from book. But subversion don't need to do that. So I just git commit them for convinence.

I found the content changed after git add were committed normally. So, that means git commit update changed content in index automatically even without git add ?

And why book say we shoud git add again to update changed content in staged files ?

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There's two possibilities.

You ran git commit -a which will automatically stage modified files before commit.

You committed part of a modification to a file. To demonstrate: modify a file in 1 place, git add it. Then modify the file again in a different place, when you run git status you will see the same file listed in both the "staged" area and the "unstaged" area. Then if you run git diff --cached you can see the staged changes that will be committed when git commit is executed. If you run git diff you can see the unstaged changes that will not be committed.

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Thanks for responding. In fact, I don't add -a option when commit my 2nd changed objects.I know your answer, but why should I git add them AGAIN? I can just commit them into object store without caring about anything changed after 1st git add. So, my question is: WHY SHOULD I git add AGAIN? :) –  naive231 Sep 3 '12 at 2:24
If you don't git add the second set of changes, they won't be committed. If you don't care about those changes, then you don't need to commit them in the first place. –  ctcherry Sep 3 '12 at 8:29
Sorry about my missing look, ctcherry.I know your point now. Because my staged content(tracked files) is in my working directory., I can commit them directly without git add them repeatly, git always git add last changes in my working directory before actual commit. But any modification in other place wouldn't commit until they are git add, right? –  naive231 Sep 22 '12 at 16:54

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