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I can't figure out how to set nativeSupport to false from the page where the JPlayer is.

The code that i am trying to change is this:

        $.jPlayer.defaults = {
    cssPrefix: "jqjp",
    swfPath: "js",
    volume: 80,
    oggSupport: false,
    nativeSupport: true,  //I want to change this one to false
    preload: 'none',
    customCssIds: false,
    graphicsFix: true,
    errorAlerts: false,
    warningAlerts: false,
    position: "absolute",
    width: "0",
    height: "0",
    top: "0",
    left: "0",
    quality: "high",
    bgcolor: "#ffffff"

I have tried this with no luck:

    $("#jquery_jplayer").jPlayer("option", "nativeSupport", "false");

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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Well since no one posted.

Instead of using some javascript function for Jplayer. I instead just used php to echo out two different javascript files. One had nativeSupport = false, and the other true.

I know this isn't the preferred method, but it works. Here is the code I used:

        if($somthing == $somthingelse) {
           echo'<script type="text/javascript" src="jPlayer/js/jquery.jplayer.nativefalse.js"></script>';
        } else{
           echo'<script type="text/javascript" src="jPlayer/js/jquery.jplayer.js"></script>';
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