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Is anyone using a Vim plugin called QuickRun? With it, you can easily run your current code (in many languages) by typing :QuickRun. But,how can I run HTML code with it?

I am using Ubuntu. And I realize I can use this !gnome-open %, but what about QuickRun?

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Looks like if you add

let g:quickrun_config = {}
let g:quickrun_config.html = {'command' : 'gnome-open'}

to your .vimrc it will do what you want.

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nice work!!!thanks for your response.:) –  Zuckonit Sep 2 '12 at 2:50

Reading the blurb, I don't see HTML in the list of supported filetypes. You will need to read the documetation (:help quickrun) in order to add support for HTML.

Or use the much much much simpler !gnome-open %.

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but it has a good scalability , @Geoff Reedy gives a nice response.why I not directly use !gnome=open % in .vimrc , cause I wanna got a unified and simple way. sure, thanks for your advice , and I think I should take a look at :h quickrun at now. –  Zuckonit Sep 2 '12 at 2:56

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