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I'm using regexp to parse a string of a certain syntax.

Pattern.compile("(\\d+)(d)(\\d+)(([\\+\\-\\*\\/])(\\d+))*"); // The regexp pattern

I want this to match strings like:


The problem is, it also matches strings that end on a x-*/ such as:

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Are you using Matcher#find or Matcher#matches to apply your pattern against your input? The former matches part of your input, the latter matches against the whole of your input. –  Charlie Sep 1 '12 at 18:00

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use this regex (\d+)(d)(\d+)(([-+*/])(\d+))

but 2d12x2-1 would not be match, x is not exist in your regex, and you don't say about it anything, for include x change regex to (\d+)(d)([\dx]+)(([\+\-\*\/])(\d+))


may be you need anchor? set ^ and $ in your regex

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Shouldn't there be a * last to allow repetition of the last part? Other than that, isn't that the same pattern i already have? –  EClaesson Sep 1 '12 at 17:28
Sorry, x was meant to be a *. I will edit my question. –  EClaesson Sep 1 '12 at 17:30

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