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I am developing an android application in Phonegap, cordova.. I had a button in the application, while clicking in that I need to run the application in the background and

need to call a web service at the interval of 15 mins.

Is it possible in phone gap, cordova proj...

I am new to this..Please help

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You will have to create a custom plugin in order to run processes in the background. You can find a plugin implementation here.

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hi thanks for the reply and is this method working for you ? –  ramesh Sep 2 '12 at 9:50

In the onCreate method of your Java class that extends from DroidGap make sure you have set "keepRunning" properly.

        super.setBooleanProperty("keepRunning", true);
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As of phonegap 3+, there's a plugin to add this functionality to your application, here's the link to the plugin project and instructions, should work for cordova, phonegap and phonegap build:


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