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I have a third part library function call scattered at a lot of places in my executable. My executable is built using debug symbols, but the third party library does not have the debug symbols, hence I cannot place a breakpoint on the function. I want to put a breakpoint whenever the library function is called, to examine the call stack. How can I set a breakpoint at all invocations of a library function call within my executable.

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It seems that the linker would have to know the name->address mapping of the function even without debug symbols, so I can't figure out why you can't put a breakpoint on it. Are you sure it isn't in a shared library that's loaded after you attempt to place the breakpoint? – Mark B Sep 1 '12 at 18:01
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I think that the only way is to:

  • find any call of this function in your code;
  • create a breakpoint in that line;
  • run the debugger and stop there;
  • write in gdb nexti to get to the first function instruction;
  • get current eip which will point at the beginning of that function;
  • create a new breakpoint at the address pointed by eip;
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