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I'm trying to use a little helper to generate some random placeholder text in the title input, but I'm running into trouble.

Here's the view code:

<%= form.input :title, :placeholder => "<%= random_title %>".html_safe %>

And here is the error I'm receiving:

/posts/_form.html.erb:9: syntax error, unexpected tSTRING_BEG, expecting ')'
/posts/_form.html.erb:9: unterminated string meets end of file

I'm pretty new to rails, and very new to formtastic. It seems like embedding a call to a helper in the formtastic line is causing this syntax error. Any suggestions?

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random_title is a variable, right?

<%= form.input :title, :placeholder => random_title.html_safe %>

The problem was that you used <%= %> within another <%= %>.

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Try this:

<%= form.input :title, :placeholder => "#{random_title}".html_safe %>

this should work.

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