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I've found UnicodeSet class of icu4j library in a Java Regular expression library benchmark (benchmarking source code: regtest.java). I'm trying to test it with the following code. It seems UnicodeSet has its own pattern syntax that is not fully compatible with PCRE.

String exp = "^[abc]x?c$";

com.ibm.icu.text.UnicodeSet uniset = new com.ibm.icu.text.UnicodeSet("[" + exp + "]");
java.util.regex.Pattern regex = java.util.regex.Pattern.compile(exp);
System.out.println(uniset.containsAll("ac")); //Returns false
System.out.println(regex.matcher("ac").matches()); //Returns true

How to rewrite the above expression that will work properly with UnicodeSet?

I'm using ICU4J (49.1) library.

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UnicodeSet isn't a regex. Your expression [^[abc]x?c$] matches a lot of codepoints, but a and c aren't among them.

http://unicode.org/cldr/utility/list-unicodeset.jsp is a way to play with UnicodeSets online.

The benchmark page you mentioned ought to consider this.

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