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I was using Markdown for a while for formatting rich contents. Then I needed a bit extra, something like how our StackOverflow does. So, I thought of getting GeSHi work with Markdown.

I tried that markdown_extra_geshi, but I couldn't work on it. At that moment, I saw a project Beautify (GitHub).

Markdown works fine, but a few issues. Syntax Highlighting is not working. SmartyPants is converting the quotes inside the code too.

The Markdown Snippet which I gave as input was:

#Checking Codes!
The `inline code` and **big code**:

    echo "string";

###Same way!

    echo "string";

I got the HTML output as:

<h1>Checking Codes!</h1>

<p>The <code>inline code</code> and <strong>big code</strong>:</p>

echo &amp;#8220;string&amp;#8221;;

<h3>Same way!</h3>

echo &amp;#8220;string&amp;#8221;;

Actually it shouldn't have converted the quotes into smart quotes and I couldn't find the Syntax Highlighting. Am I doing it wrong? The source code of this test file is:

PHP Code:

    echo beautify('#Checking Codes!
The `inline code` and **big code**:

    echo "string";

###Same way!

    echo "string";

Any help is appreciated.

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Please refrain from random bold formatting, it makes your question harder to read. –  Charles Sep 1 '12 at 18:09
@Charles Sure, I will. Thanks. :) –  Praveen Kumar Sep 1 '12 at 18:10

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Finally I got the answer from the author himself.

You should put your code between ~~~.

Like this:

~~~ php
echo "here's PHP code";
Here's normal text.

Future visitors might get help from this. :)

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