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I want my git repository to look exactly like I have it locally.

As in if I have A,B,C,D and E files in my git repository and on my local machine I have deleted A,B and C, leaving D and E. When I push I want to see only D and E in the repository. how can I do this please. Also can I do the same with on heroku ?

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Stage all changes, make a commit, and push.

git add -A
git status
git commit -m "Deleted A, B, C"
git push
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I tried it thanks. Am actually trying to use this to drop heroku database and redo a syncdb. how do I do this. There are errors with my tables and I want to drop the whole database and start over? –  Yehonathan Quartey Sep 1 '12 at 18:17
Is this database in the repo? I don't use Heroku, but most likely the database is not stored in the repository, but on the Heroku server, and there is a separate database for your local case. Note - if you're using django, you can just call 'python manage.py reset appname' to drop all tables for a django app. –  hayk.mart Sep 1 '12 at 18:21
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