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I have created a time function to calculate time as media is playing. It does not display any leading zeros. How can I make it display any leading zeros?

function converttoTime(timeInSeconds)
    var minutes = Math.round(Math.floor(timeInSeconds / 60));
    var seconds = Math.round(timeInSeconds - minutes * 60);
    //var hours = Math.round(Math.floor(timeInSeconds / 3600));
    //time = time - hours * 3600;
    var time=minutes+':'+seconds;
    return time;
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this should work:

var time=('0'  + minutes).slice(-2)+':'+('0' + seconds).slice(-2);
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Great solution! –  Some Guy Sep 1 '12 at 18:48
function lzero(str, len) {
  str += ''; // cast to string
  while(str.length < len) str = "0".str;
  return str;

var time = lzero(minutes,2)+':'+lzero(seconds,2);
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