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e.g, if you have a sorted array of the struct:

struct Item{ int val; string property; }

How would you go about using these with assumeSorted so that you could then search on Item.val?

All the examples of ranges I can find online use arrays of integers.

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You need to define a comparison operator: http://dlang.org/operatoroverloading.html#compare

struct Item{
    int val;
    string property;
    int opCmp(Item other){
        return val-other.val;

After the comparison operator is defined, all sorting-related functions should work just like with integers.

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It's worth mentioning that as structs are value types, opCmp should be defined as int opCmp(ref const S s) const { ... } as suggested in your link. –  Meta Sep 26 '12 at 13:49

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