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I am considering php framework Codeigniter & Cakephp for small site I would be developing but I am open to using pretty much any framework does fullfill the following requirements. requirements are:

  • A simple pre-build user authentication system or login system as a plugin, something long the lines of php-login-script.

  • Allows Easy integration with third-part excel/spreadsheet generation library or has some plugin.

  • Should support PHP 5.2, hence symfony2 can't be considered

  • Bonus points if the framework has integration with twitter bootstrap

Looking for framework which can fullfill all of the above points, so I can save some time. Else, I would prefer framework which does most of the requirements & would write rest myself.

So, based on above requirements; which php framework/script would you suggest?

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There are plenty of different xls export helpers. Just google it and review them I can not recommend any of them because I have not used them. We have our own but we did not open source it.

Overall I would recommend to use CakePHP2 in any case over Codeigniter. I've recently had to convert a project from CI to Cake and now I know why... ;)

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Marked as a an answer, thanks for github links – CuriousMind Sep 2 '12 at 9:01
@burzum, Do you have any valid reasons for choosing CakePhp over CodeIgniter? – indago Jun 28 '13 at 9:30

I don't know codeIgniter very well, but for Cakephp I can tell you that:

  • Authentifiaction is easy to implement.
  • It's easy to generate xml (which Excel can open), for .xls you'll have to do all by yourself.
  • supports 5.2
  • there is a helper for twitter bootstrap, but I've never used it.

For me the deal breaker concerning CodeIgniter is the lack of built-in ORM. You should consider if you need one or not.

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Thanks for response, I decided on CakePHP :) – CuriousMind Sep 2 '12 at 9:00

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