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I want to remove an item (lets say a UIButton) from my iPhone application. I want to add some animation when i tap on the button to remove it.

This is the animation i want:

In your OSX dock, if you right-click on an item and tap on *remove from dock*, 
it kinda like **explodes** with a funny noise, and removes itself from that dock.

Any knows how to do that smoke (or) tiny explosion animation on the iPhone ?? Is there a pre-defined name for it ?

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You can roll your own using CAEmitterLayer - there are lots of examples on SO and elsewhere. You could do some really nice stuff (or maybe find some really nice open source code).

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I don't believe there is any 'pre-defined' animation or name for the animation you are trying to get however you can create one by animating a sequence of images and playing a sound in a void method and then whenever something is deleted you can just call it up and play the animation and sound for whenever something is deleted.

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I can see that there is no pre-defined animation. But Sequencing images ? :-/ –  Legolas Sep 1 '12 at 20:24
Exactly! Then simply play the sound as the animation of images plays. I'll happily show and example of sound playing and animation if you like. –  Kolors Sep 1 '12 at 20:26
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Believe it or not, there's an API for exactly that on Mac OS X:

NSPoint centrePoint = ...;
NSSize size = ...;
NSShowAnimationEffect(NSAnimationEffectPoof, centrePoint, size, nil, NULL, NULL);

On iOS, there isn't because the animation is a Mac-specific animation. On iOS, one typically sees the deleted object collapse into a point. That animation can be done by animating the transform of a view (using CAAnimation or the UIView class methods) so that it scales to nothingness.

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