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i have an jscript object. I insert some html in a div, and i try to attach an event click to an html label, all insede the object, by how can access methods and properties of object inside jquery click event function?

HTML code:

<div id="content"></div>


jQuery().ready(function (){
    obj=new myobject("myobject1","#content"); //create object instance
    obj.dohtml(); //call method dohtml

//object I pass an objectname and a id from an html element 
function myobject(objectname,htmlid){; //name of object 
    this.htmlid=htmlid;   //id where i try to create some html

    //say hello

    //do something with html

    //create an <p> element in a the html with id=htmlid 
    $(this.htmlid).html('<p id="''_myp" > my text </p>')     

    //click event on <p> id='_myp"
        alert(; //i try to access property in the object and dont work
        //how can access to this property from here

        this.hello(); //how can access to this method from here


    $("#"'_myp').click(this.hello()); //this dont work too why?


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your scope changes inside the click callback.. so you need to keep the this var stored:

var that = this;
    alert(; //i try to access property in the object and dont work
    that.hello(); //how can access to this method from here

For the second part:

you're executing the function and passing the return value when you do this.hello(), if you just want to pass the function, you would pass this.hello with no ()


it works with this because you are still in scope.

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you are right, sorry I a new with javascript. ¿is this the correct from to encapsulate my work? – user1640529 Sep 2 '12 at 3:15

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