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I have a Flex application with Java server. I have some stateless and stateful Java beans. I want to debug Flex side with Flash Builder 4.6.

Every debugging launch, my Java JSESSIONID is regenerated so I can't reload properly my stateful bean. This behaviour appears when debugging with standalone player, or web based debugging inside FB 4.6.

When I launch directly my application outside FB in a browser, JSESSIONID isn't regenerated as it should be but I can't debug...

Is there a trick to debug with FB without JSESSIONID being regenerated?

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I assume that the JSessionID relates to browser cookies which probably do not persist between browser sessions. So, if you can configure your browser not to launch a new session every time a new window or tab is open that may work.

Other than that; you can hook up a Flash instance to a debugger session by right clicking on the Flash instance and selecting "Debugger". This answer tells you how to create the debug session w/o launching a browser instance.

To quote the relevant pieces:

you can modify the launch configuration to refer to any URL that doesn't contain a SWF; but I just wanted to add that you can also use the URL "about:blank", which has the advantage that (as of Flash Builder 4) Flash Builder won't even bother opening a browser page -- it will just start listening on the socket.

I use this approach a lot for debugging mouse and keyboard events from another computer. One computer runs the app; and the other computer runs the debug session.

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Thank you very much, with monitoring about:blank URL, it's work well. Thank you again, I didn't know this trick –  Olivier J. Sep 3 '12 at 12:12
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