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I use Xcode 4, and I currently dont have any iDevice right now to be able to test accelerometer in my application, so I googled for a while and find util named "unimotion". read me file for Unimotion says: "A Makefile is included so all you have to do is cd to the 'unimotion' directory and type 'make'." So I tried, but terminal give me a message

ls: /Developer/SDKs: No such file or directory cc -Wall -Os -g -isysroot /Developer/SDKs/ -arch i386 -arch ppc -fconstant-cfstrings -c -o unimotion.o unimotion.c clang: warning: not using the clang compiler for the 'powerpc' architecture unimotion.c:72:10: fatal error: 'IOKit/IOKitLib.h' file not found

include IOKit/IOKitLib.h>

1 error generated. make[1]: * [unimotion.o] Error 1 make: * [sub-unimotion] Error 2

again and again.

So, what am I doing wrong?


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Rewrite all occurrences of /Developer/SDKs/ in the 3 Makefiles (calibrate/Makefile, motion/Makefile and unimotion/Makefile) with


that should help you. If you're using Xcode 4, you'll probably get further error also

llvm-gcc-4.2: error trying to exec '/usr/bin/../llvm-gcc-4.2/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin11-llvm-gcc-4.2': execvp: No such file or directory

as the -arch ppc is not supported there anymore. Just delete every single occurrence of -arch ppc in Makefiles, and it will work.

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