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A long time ago I was developing this project and now I'm back on it. The internationalization was working fine, getting the translations from the folder C:\...\cake\app\locale\por\LC_MESSAGES where I have 2 files:

I edited the po file, inserted manually some new keywords, for instance:

msgid "id"
msgstr "Código"

Then, I opened the Poedit, validate everything, and than clicked "save", so Poedit create the .mo file automatically.

After that I restarted WAMP, and cleared my cache.

I did all that a lot of times, but the result is allways the same: the old words are being translated fine, but the new words I added recently, do not translate.

The old ones and the new ones, I'm use in my CakePHP 1.3 project in this way:

<?php __('id'); ?>

Am I missing something here?

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Have you tried using Poedit and updating the .po with the menu item "Update from pot-file"? – Michael Probst Feb 12 '13 at 19:02

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The .mo file is a compiled translation which may get cached by the gettext engine.

You should disable generation of .mo files (at least during development) so changes in translations are always picked up.

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Use alternative editors. i recommend using It's online solution, easy to use. also has import and exprt options.

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