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My company is plagued by the infamous "Hashtable insert failed. Load factor too high" error on our webfarm [6 Server 2003 SP2 boxes w/IIS 6.0]. I realize that there is a kb update that will resolve this error (see link), however others in the department are not contacting Microsoft in a timely fashion (and I don't have the authority to do so). We have found that either a full-blown iisreset or recycling the App Pool clears the issues.

Is there a way we could configure IIS to monitor the number of errors it is generating and recycle and/or reset after a certain threshold has been reached? It should be pretty easy to tell - we get literally 1,000+ errors per min. on the affected server when this error is tripped.

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If you could catch the error (which it sounds like you could) in the app, you could get the app to recycle itself. See for details on how to do this.

Of course you need to be aware of the issues with doing this.

Alternatively you could get app pool recycling working for the following criteria:

  • After elapsed time.
  • After X requests.
  • At a scheduled time.
  • After using a set amount of memory.

Perhaps you could find one of those criteria that help?

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You could create a small monitor application to check perfmon and execute the command to recycle the application pool when a threshold is hit (I believe there is a WMI interface that could restart a single application pool)

not a fantastic solution I'll admit...

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