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I'm using Django's messaging framework to alert a user that a message was sent successfully. By default, you display a Django message in a template using {{ messages }}. I want to avoid any possibility of confusion by renaming the variable to refer to Django's system message as something like {{ system_message }}, leaving {{ message }} free for referring to user messages.

I've tried doing something like

from django.contrib import messages as system_message

but renaming it in this context doesn't carry through to my template. Any suggestions?

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Messages isn't a template tag but a template context variable provided by the "django.contrib.messages.context_processors.messages" processor. I think the best way to rename it is simply replacing django's context processor with your own version, e.g:

from django.contrib.messages.api import get_messages

def messages(request):
    Returns a lazy 'messages' context variable.
    return {'your_name_space': get_messages(request)}
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