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I am attempting to delete a record from the Django admin interface. I click the check box then select "Delete Selected " from the action drop down and select 'Go'. This immediately throws a 403 error.

This is the area I am attempting to delete from that gets the 403s:

Failing delete area

The model that is having problems deleting has two inline elements. However, will allow me to delete if I go to each individual record and select delete from there.

It works from here (after clicking 'Third' from the above image)

Working delete area

I watched the request in Firebug and it does not seem different than when I delete a record on a different model and it works.

This is the output of Firebug:

Parameters                   application/x-www-form-urlencoded
    _selected_action         2
    action                   delete_selected
    csrfmiddlewaretoken      lr6EAAPGJWJBWIm6NxIoyt8fWzfuNxj9
    index                    0
    select_across            0


I am unsure where to go to troubleshoot this error since I haven't modified the admin panel at all and the only thing in the logs is a 403 error. How can I get the delete at the model level to work?

Edit I have delete permissions to this model. It also occurs if the user deleting is the superuser.

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Could you post the relevant model / admin code? – Thomas Orozco Sep 7 '12 at 12:06
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I was not able to resolve this in a way that I wanted. I would have liked to keep the ability to delete from the overview page, but since it worked if I deleted an individual entry one at a time, I settled for this work around.

Add actions = None to the that contains this model. This removes the action drop down, preventing a user from selecting an option that will throw the 403 error.

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