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Hopefully somebody can verify this or shed some insight.

The most basic use of player.loadVideoByID() method seems not to be working in IE.

I have deployed the google getting started sample code from:


to my site to illustrate the issue.

You can use this link and view the source to easily see it in action.


You will also note that the sample which autoplays in chrome, ff & safari merely shows the play icon in IE. So that is really 2 bugs.

No autoplay and loadVideoByID() is tossing an exception in all flavors of IE.

I have wrapped the loadVideoByID() method call in a try catch and you can see it is no longer working in IE but is fine in chrome, ff & safari.

I would imagine this is affecting EVERY IE YT API app that uses this method call and therefore should be a major priority for google/YouTube team. Since stackoverflow has the best developer response times I thought I would reach out for support here.

Thanks very much!

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