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I know the default blogger atom is www.[yourdomian], but how could get all posts feeds? I found a semi-solution is to add "max-results=500" (or change the number bigger)

Just wondering is there any better solution for all post feeds?


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If there are more than 500 posts on the blog, then hope that no individual category (label) has more than 500 posts, and get the feed of each category.

Beyond that, you can use either start-index or published-min and published-max.

A large number of items in feedburner is not really as option, unless each item only contains a very short summary, so as not to exceed feedburner 512KB limit.

Something that will only work for some Blogger-based blogs - those that someone has subscribed to via Google Reader early enough after the first ever post; Then you can get the Google Reader cached atom feed from the very beginning, will have to load a different URL every one thousand items.<BloggerBlog>/feeds/posts/default?n=1000

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Yes, www.[yourdomian] is the only way to go. You can burn your feed to feedburner either.

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