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i have following code i am trying to compare two get in order to get into if statement but i something wrong with is code.

the following code should run if the time is above 23:29 and less then 08:10...

$gettime="04:39"; // getting this from database

$startdate = strtotime("23:29");
$startdate1 = date("H:i", $startdate);

$enddate = strtotime("08:10");
$enddate1 = date("H:i", $enddate);

//this condition i need to run    

if($gettime >= strtotime($startdate1) && $gettime <= strtotime($enddate1))
echo"ok working";

please help me in dis regard


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Make sure your comaring the right types of data, time stamps with time stamps and not w/ strings etc...

$gettime= strtotime("22:00"); // getting this from database

$startdate = strtotime("21:00");
//$startdate1 = date("H:i", $startdate);

$enddate = strtotime("23:00");
//$enddate1 = date("H:i", $enddate);

//this condition i need to run    

if($gettime >= $startdate && $gettime <= $enddate)
echo"ok working";
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You are comparing the string with a date. $gettime is a string and you are comparing it with a time object.

You need to convert $gettime to a time object by calling $gettime = strtotime($gettime), and then you can compare it using > or < like you have above.

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Assuming you're receiving the time from the DB in a date format (and not as a string):


if($gettime >= strtotime($startdate1) && $gettime <= strtotime($enddate1))


if($gettime >= strtotime($startdate1) || $gettime <= strtotime($enddate1))
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For comparing times, you should use the provided PHP classes The DateTime::diff will return an object with time difference info:

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You may refer to PHP documentation about DateTime::diff function at their website

You may also go through this stackoverflow question How to calculate the difference between two dates using PHP?

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