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   def analysis_report(request):

       response = HttpResponse(mimetype='application/pdf')
       response['Content-Disposition'] = 'attachment;filename=ANALYSIS_REPORT.pdf'
       buffer = StringIO()
       doc = SimpleDocTemplate(buffer)
       doc.sample_no = 12345
       document = [], onLaterPages=header_footer)

   def header_footer(canvas, doc):

       canvas.setFont("Times-Bold", 11)
       canvas.drawCentredString(310, 800, 'HEADER ONE GOES HERE')
       canvas.drawString(440, 780, 'Sample No: %s' %doc.sample_no)

       canvas.setFont('Times-Roman', 5)
       canvas.drawString(565, 4, "Page %d" %

I above code i can bale to display the page number, but my question is how can i display "Page X of Y" where Y is page count and X is current page.

I followed this, but they explained using canvasmaker, where as i'm using OnlaterPages argument in build.

How can i achieve the above thing using canvasmaker or is there any solution using OnLaterPages ?

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i think you have misunderstood the solution provided by the linked article. their way overrides the save function of a canvas. if you want to do it with Platypus (which I assume is what's going on since you reference onlaterpages) there's at least one other method mentioned here… – G Gordon Worley III Sep 2 '12 at 23:05
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Here is the improved recipe which should work with images.

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Another possible workaround would be to use pyPDF (or any other pdf-lib with the funcionality) to read the total number of pages after and then rebuild the story with the gathered information by exchanging the corresponding Paragraph()'s. This approach might be more hackish, but does the trick with no subclassing.


from pyPdf import PdfFileReader
story.append(Paragraph('temp paragraph. this will be exchanged with the total page number'))
post_story = story[:] #copy the story because build consumes it #build the pdf with name temp.pdf
temp_pdf = PdfFileReader(file("temp.pdf", "rb"))
total_pages = cert_temp.getNumPages()
post_story[-1] = Paragraph('total pages: ' + str(total_pages))
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