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I'm using MVC-4. After I copy the files and paste them into the server,in IIS I right press on "Sites" then choose "Restart" to start the project again. But the project run only if I explicitly write the url in the browser...

Or in another words, I have a log document that each function writes to it the name of the function. (current function), and in Global.asax.cs I have this:


            new { controller = "boxes", action = "FillList", id = UrlParameter.Optional} 

When I write the base url, I see this function name in the log file, but not when I press "Restart", then it doesn't get to this function. Is there an option to run it once I choose "Restart"?

(I need it because another project uses it to pass the list from here)

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I don't understand why you want your application to start at IIS start. You should not reference IIS application but with URL and when you do that it'll start. What's your problem? –  Serg Rogovtsev Sep 2 '12 at 8:05

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Just set the default document for your site in IIS.

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