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Is there an equivalent ruby/RoR method for PHP get_meta_tags.

I am looking to read the meta tag information of a given url

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You could try using Hpricot and do something like:

doc = Hpricot(URI.parse("").read)
  #=> Elements[...]
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Yeah, I had thought about using a screen scrape utility, but I was hoping there was a built in Ruby method with maybe HTTP::Net or something. I will just use Nokogiri since it is already installed on my dev machines. Thanks – ErsatzRyan Aug 3 '09 at 17:36

Thanks a lot.

It work for me. I am trying to get description form meta tag. my code is like

def self.extract_description_from_url(url)
  description = ""
  doc = Hpricot(URI.parse(url).read)
  (doc/'/html/head/meta').each do |meta|
    val=  meta.get_attribute('name')
    if val == "description" 
      description = meta.get_attribute('content')
  return description
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could also write: meta_desc = (doc/'/html/head/meta').find {|meta| meta.get_attribute('name') == "description"}; description = meta_desc.nil? : "" ? meta_desc.get_attribute('content') – glenn jackman Apr 8 '10 at 17:25

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