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set clipboard+=unnamed is one of my favorite .vimrc configs. Thanks to it, yanks and deletes are copied to my system clipboard and I can easily paste them to other applications.

However, when I upgraded to Mountain Lion, this setting broke down.

Do you know how to fix this problem?

share|improve this question also mentions this: As of Mountain Lion, the previous tip does not appear to work in system-provided vim; yanked lines do not go into the system clipboard, nor does anything yanked to the * or + registers. – Lauri Lehmijoki Sep 2 '12 at 9:34

The version of Vim provided by Apple has always been lacking useful features, +clipboard among them, but also Python and Ruby support or X11-related capabilities.

The solution has always been to install an up-to-date Vim yourself. There are many ways to do that. From relatively painless to rather involved:

  • Install MacVim and put the bundled mvim script in your path. After that $ mvim filename will open MacVim and $ mvim -f filename will open MacVim's Vim executable in the terminal. Use an alias if you want to keep typing $ vim filename.

  • Use Homebrew or MacPorts.

  • Install from the sources.

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